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Clear, concise, compelling communication

Radford Communications is a highly-experienced PR agency in Auckland that provides insightful and intelligent solutions to all manner of public relations and communication needs – from planning through to implementation.


Building strong foundations for compelling communication


As Mark Twain so wittily said: Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she laid an asteroid. It’s one of my favourite sayings because it is utterly true when it comes to PR and communication.

Although all the bells and whistles are sometimes necessary, often the most effective communication is simple and relatively inexpensive to deliver. You can be sure to will gain a strongly grounded and highly focused solution when using me for your PR services.

Strong foundations

PR agency Auckland PR plans

Communication plans

Creating a strong foundation for your PR, communication or marketing programme

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Focused PR agency delivery NZ

Public relations

Delivering great PR results for you – on target, on time and on budget

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Protecting reputations

crisis communication auckland

Crisis communication

Minimising reputational risk through level-headed crisis communication counsel

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Capability building

PR agency Auckland training courses

Training workshops

Building employees’ and managers’ skills, capabilities and confidence

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