Internal communication

Engaged, productive, happy, loyal employees are great for business. They also enhance your employment brand, putting you ahead of competitors when recruiting talented and skilled people.

Knowing the value of great internal communications is one thing; consistently doing it is another. All too often people’s ‘real jobs’ get in the way and employee communication can be overlooked in the rush to connect with customers, shareholders and the news media.

Many years’ internal communication experience in-house, as a contractor and as a consultant has provided me with valuable insights. I also understand the challenges of communicating with diverse and dispersed work-forces – from university educated managers, to front-line employees working in remote locations.

Internal communication services

My employee communication services include:

  • Internal communication strategy development (including communication planning workshops that ensure your employee communication programme is measurable, and aligns with your vision, mission, values and human resources strategy
    Internal communication surveys and research that create baselines and measure progress, ensuring your internal communication programme remains on track.
  • Internal communication alignment with human resources strategy, which will support the human resources team to achieve their cultural alignment and organisational development goals
  • Change communication to gain employees’ buy-in to and engagement with organisational change
  • Presentations that result in engaging and effective face-to-face employee communication
  • Newsletters that communicate effectively with diverse and dispersed audiences, helping them to feel like they’re part of the team
  • In-house social media, which is utilised to the organisation’s – and employees’ – best advantage
  • Communication counsel for executives and other managers that supports effective decision making with impartial, upfront and insightful advice

Employees are an organisation’s biggest asset so create an environment that helps to realise that potential. Contact me for a no obligations discussion about how I can help.