PR strategy

Public relations plans are recommended for any type of organisation that wants to achieve their communication goals. For example: businesses wanting to improve communication with employees, existing and prospective customers, interest groups, suppliers, etc.

PR plans are also useful for not-for profits who want to communicate more effectively with existing and prospective members, donors, employees and key influencers.

They are also used by project teams who want to improve understanding, buy-in, support and/or uptake from management, employees, suppliers, customers, etc.

The PR strategy deliverables


Your PR strategy workshop will deliver a communication action plan for achieving your goals. It will also specify clear accountabilities so that everyone has a common understanding of:

  • What you want to achieve
  • When you want to achieve it by
  • Which stakeholders you are targeting
  • Relevant strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • What the key messages need to convey
  • Short to medium term action items for achieving those goals
  • Who is responsible for each action item
  • What is will cost
  • How you will measure success

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