Media training

Many people are understandably terrified of dealing with the news media, especially when they are in a hostile interview situation.  Even friendly interviews can quickly go awry if you don’t know how to control the interview process. 

Attendees will be equipped with the skills and confidence to keep interviews on track and get your message across, thus helping to protect and enhance your own and your organisation’s reputation. All  media training workshops are customised to your own situation so that the practice interviews are relevant and meaningful to you.

Media training skills are also useful for helping to improve your presentation and general written and spoken communication skills.  The techniques you will learn will help you to think on your feet and communicate successfully when under pressure. 

The workshop will prepare you for television, radio, online and print media interviews and will cover the following topics:

  • News media overview – what the news media is and how it operates
  • How to know when something is / is not news
  • Story structure
  • What key messages are and how to use them
  • What to do when a journalist calls unexpectedly
  •  Elevator interview – how to get your message across in 30 seconds
  • Managing difficult interviews – how to deal with aggressive reporters and difficult questions
  • What to do when you muck up what you were saying
  • Presentation skills – practical advice on how to improve your overall presentation skills whether presenting to the board or media
  • How to deal with nerves, tension and image 

All attendees will be given a take-home booklet packed with useful media training advice.

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Great media training provided by Anna. Exceptional presentation and great relatable examples that she had incorporated into the training. Would definitely recommend.

Ray Meade