Key messages

Develop winning key messages

Key messages are a powerful and very strategic tool that focus your communication on what really matters. The messages can be woven into all forms of communication from media interviews and social media content, through to marketing collateral, presentations and position papers.

Despite their usefulness and value, it is surprising how many organisations either don’t have key messages, or have ones that are not serving them as well as they might. If you have more than five or six key messages on any given subject – or worse still, none at all – then I can help.

Although PR key messages are typically developed as part of a wider PR or communication plan, sometimes clients don’t need a wider plan – they just want the messages. That’s where my workshop comes into the picture

PR key messages workshops are recommended for…

These workshops are ideal for any organisation that would like to communicate more clearly about their product or service offering, their issue, their cause, etc. This includes:

  • Businesses wanting to communicate more strategically with employees, existing and prospective customers, interest groups, shareholders, suppliers, etc.
  • Not-for-profits who want to communicate more effectively with existing and prospective members, donors, employees and key influencers
  • Project or programme teams who want to improve understanding, buy-in, support and/or uptake from management, employees, suppliers, customers, etc.
  • Industry bodies who want clearer and more focused communication with members and other stakeholders 

Attendees are typically…

  • Management teams
  • Marketing and sales people
  • Project or programme teams
  • Communication teams or individuals
  • Business owners

What will be achieved

The workshop will deliver 4-6 key messages that can be used to get your communication focused what really matters – or out of what you’d rather not be talking about.


Key messages workshop clients have included:

  • A small business who needed to manage media interviews and other communication about a pending court case
  • Numerous businesses who needed to convey what makes their product / service offering special
  • A not-for-profit organisation who needed to highlight why the public should get involved in their cause
  • A listed company who needed key messages about why people should invest in their business
  • A manufacturer who needed key messages for sales presentations and marketing collateral
  • An industry group who needed to manage an issue

Want to know more? 

It was great to work with Anna on our key messaging.

Thanks to a well facilitated session that challenged our thinking, we were able to get our team onto the same page, gain clarity in our offerings – and come out with a strong set of value focused core messages to weave into our communications.

Kim Nugent, Manager Marketing and Communications, HERA